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Karnak sound and light show

Karnak sound and light show


Visiting Karnak Temple at night is overwhelming. In the darkness, lights will be focused on many parts of the temple, while you will hear the voices of actors & actresses talking as if they were the kings & queens of Ancient Egypt. The show lasts for an hour and fifteen minutes and consists of two parts. In the first part you will be led slowly through the temple with a few stops at different parts like the ram-headed sphinxes, the gateway, the statue of Ramesses. Then you will stop in the most impressive part which is the hypostyle hall which has 134 huge columns to hear the story of the temple and its pharaohs. Then you'll be led to sit beside the sacred lake of the temple to watch the rest of the show with its lasers and pictures projected on the walls.

The tour includes:
  1. Air-conditioned car
The tour excludes:
  1. Entrance tickets
  2. Tipping
  3. Meals and drinks
  4. Any extra activities
10 $

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