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East Bank tour

East Bank tour


Visit Karnak Temple, the world's biggest temple area covering 62 acres, where you'll enjoy the great temple of Amon-Ra, the great high columns in the hypostyle hall, where parts of famous movies were filmed, such as "death on the Nile", and James Bond's " the spy who loved me", the highest standing obelisk, the sacred lake, the ram-headed sphinxes and statues of Ramesses and other pharaohs.Then you will visit the unique Luxor Temple, the biggest open book on the Ancient Egyptian History. It has sphinxes, an obelisk, statues of Rameses, a Greek part, a roman chapel, a church, and a mosque all within its walls.

The tour includes:
  1. Tour Guide
  2. Air-conditioned car
The tour excludes:
  1. Any extra activities
  2. Tipping
  3. Meals or drinks
  4. The entrance tickets
15 $

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