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  • 5f8c6f50-e64d-456f-bf65-afaf4fe58d2b_luxor.jpg

    Classic West Bank tour

    On this tour you will cross over the Luxor bridge by air conditioned car to visit the Valley of the Kings the burial place of the kings of Ancient Egypt (3 tombs). You will then visit the mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the only woman Pharaoh, followed by a visit to the Colossi of Memnon.

    More 35 $
  • 4c52185c-36f2-4dec-bf38-e2238e786565_420368_3082969428782_1100244508_33167636_74160324_n.jpg

    West Bank tour


    On this tour you will cross over Luxor bridge by air conditioned car to visit the famous mortuary temples of Ramesses II (The Ramesseum) and of Ramesses III (Habu Temple). You will then visit the Valley of the Nobles to see 2 of the Nobles' tombs and 2 of the artists' tombs.

    More 35 $
  • f7caf452-b4e7-405d-b4c1-e983e7ba8f40_03.jpg

    East Bank tour


    Visit Karnak Temple, the world's biggest temple area covering 62 acres, where you'll enjoy the great temple of Amon-Ra, the great high columns in the hypostyle hall, where parts of famous movies were filmed, such as "death on the Nile", and James Bond's " the spy who loved me", the highest standing obelisk, the sacred lake, the ram-headed sphinxes and statues of Ramesses and other pharaohs.Then you will visit the unique Luxor Temple, the biggest open book on the Ancient Egyptian History. It has sphinxes, an obelisk, statues of Rameses, a Greek part, a roman chapel, a church, and a mosque all within its walls.

    More 15 $
  • 2e16f47a-60bf-4924-b38d-2bbf5d3a81eb_04.jpg

    East Bank by horse carriage


    The above tour can also be done by horse carriage. You will be picked up at the hotel and taken around the city on a 'calleche'. Traveling down the back streets where you will see the 'real' Luxor and be greeted and welcomed by the everyday Egyptians.

    More 20 $
  • 7d30b0e9-9d40-4ecf-b965-4d544d85bd88_05.jpg

    Museum tour


    You will visit the Luxor Museum, which contains many priceless pieces, including the 24 statues which were found in 1989 under the floor of Luxor Temple, and the mummy of Rameses. You will then visit the Mummification Museum, which contains some human and animal mummies and some of the implements used in the mummification process.

    More 13 $
  • 3c2527be-a759-4cab-a69e-3f8f94c7809c_06.jpg

    Hot air balloon ride

    Your visit to Luxor would not be complete without a balloon ride over Luxor's  West Bank. You will have an early morning pick-up from the hotel to cross by motorboat to the West Bank. Tea, coffee and cakes will be served, while you watch the balloon being inflated, before you start your balloon ride over West Bank, where you will have a bird's eye view over the houses, the green fields and some of the great monuments there. The ride will be for about 45 minutes. After landing you will be transferred back to the hotel. This balloon ride is fully insured and you will receive a commemorative certificate of your flight.

    More 100 $
  • f1ded901-c3cf-42df-8795-592a3ca2c157_sound and light Karnak.jpg

    Karnak sound and light show


    Visiting Karnak Temple at night is overwhelming. In the darkness, lights will be focused on many parts of the temple, while you will hear the voices of actors & actresses talking as if they were the kings & queens of Ancient Egypt. The show lasts for an hour and fifteen minutes and consists of two parts. In the first part you will be led slowly through the temple with a few stops at different parts like the ram-headed sphinxes, the gateway, the statue of Ramesses. Then you will stop in the most impressive part which is the hypostyle hall which has 134 huge columns to hear the story of the temple and its pharaohs. Then you'll be led to sit beside the sacred lake of the temple to watch the rest of the show with its lasers and pictures projected on the walls.

    More 10 $
  • b6426229-f2f9-4fdc-a1c5-6e4c06ee46e5_4149_1146951909554_1100244508_30440091_3544362_n.jpg

    Felucca cruise


    Enjoy a nice, relaxing trip in a traditional sailing boat to visit Banana Island and to sit with a drink and watch the boats sail past. On the way back you will see the sun setting over the mountains of the West bank. A perfect end to the day.

    More 10 $
  • cb0d61e7-7a19-4d58-88d7-037ba96c5578_camel.jpg

    Camel/horse riding

    You will be picked up from your hotel to cross by motorboat and there you will have the opportunity to ride a camel or horse through a part of the village on the West Bank, you will be invited for some tea at the house of the Stable's owner.

    More 10 $
  • ecd1f379-965f-4216-8177-2d4ca02be2dd_calleche.jpg

    City tour by calleche


    Experience the 'real' Luxor on a traditional calleche (horse carriage).You will see parts of Luxor, you would not see on other tours, you will pass by narrow streets and old houses, you will pass through the local market where you'll see a butchers, a barbers, a fruit and vegetable shop, a juice shop, then you will go to a local café where you sit and have a soft drink and watch people passing by. Then you will go back to the hotel.

    More 10 $
  • 9e68bfe1-6a41-4cd1-85d1-c859b340c361_Abydos.jpg

    Abydos and Dendera


    On this full day tour you will visit two of the greatest Ancient Egyptian Temples, the Greco-Roman temple at Dendera, which was dedicated to Hathor, the cow-goddess of love, and motherhood in Ancient Egypt, and the Pharaonic temple of Seti the 1st at Abydos, which has the finest pieces of the ancient Egyptian art.

    More 80 $
  • fbcbad53-c919-4520-9fb2-be067779d464_Dendera.PNG

    Dendera by road


    You will be picked up from the hotel by an air conditioned car to visit the Greco-Roman temple of Hathor,the cow-goddess of love and motherhood in Ancient Egypt, the temple has a copy of the famous zodiac, the original one is in the Louvre. It also has the famous scene of Queen Cleopatra.

    More 40 $
  • 9986fb24-46c9-48ba-a007-34f0e4df90c3_dendera 2.jpg

    Dendera by cruise boat


    You will be picked up from the hotel to board a cruise to Dendera. You will enjoy the peaceful river and view the farming villages along the river banks . When you arrive there, you will visit the temple of Hathor, then you will sail back to Luxor.

    Price on request.

    More 0 $
  • 1dbe4eb8-f9ea-4fae-bb46-a2afd19d2f9f_edfu_temple.jpg

    Edfu and Kom-Ombo temples


    On this full day tour you will be picked up from the hotel to drive to Edfu, where you visit one of the best preserved temples in Upper Egypt, the Temple of Horus, then you will drive to Kom-Ombo to visit the temple of Sobek. You will then drive back to Luxor.

    More 60 $
  • d02fb1a8-5df0-41d0-bbb9-f43802ed6c11_Philae-Temple-Large-01.jpg

    Aswan over day


    On this full day tour you will visit the Temple of Horus at Edfu then proceed to the Temple of Kom-Ombo which is dedicated to Sobek, the crocodile God before arriving in Aswan at lunchtime, where there will be a short refreshment break before your visits to the beautiful Temple of Isis at Philae, the unfinished obelisk and to the High Dam.

    More 80 $
  • d9f531e0-6a25-48d0-876b-112dd0fc7d98_Pyramids_of_Giza.jpg

    Cairo over day


    You will start your tour by flying to Cairo from Luxor Early in the morning. A guide will meet you at the airport and take you to visit the Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren
    and Mykerinus. Then proceed to visit the Great Sphinx,
    the tour also includes a visit to the Valley Temple, which
    belongs to the Pyramids of Chephren. Then we will move on
    to visit the Egyptian Museum which features artifacts from the
    Pharaonic period. The museum displays a rare collection of
    5000 years of art which is considered the largest most precious
    collection of Egyptian art in the world, as well as Tutankhamen
    collection of treasure, gold and jewelry which was enclosed in
    his tomb for over 3,500 years before it was discovered in the
    1920 when his tomb was excavated. Later transfer back to the airport.

    Prices on request

    More 0 $
  • 0ec1486a-8e9e-4dd2-959c-dc9a073843d9_snorkeling_Giftun.1295532.jpg

    Hurghada over day


    You will be picked up from the hotel by an air conditioned car and driven to Hurghada for a fantastic snorkeling trip with desert island relaxation on the beautiful Red Sea, where we will do our snorkeling in different spots which are
    full of corals and magnificent colorful fish with a chance to
    swim with dolphins, enjoying the water sports activities on
    Giftun Island and the national park with open buffet lunch
    aboard the cruise then return back to the jetty and then
    transferred back to Luxor.

    Prices on request

    More 0 $
  • 110dd0af-a3c1-42c3-828a-154683534545_abusimbel1.jpg

    Abu Simbel over day


    You will be picked up from the hotel very early in the morning to drive down to Aswan where you will join the convoy to Abu Simbel. When you arrive you will visit
    the two Temples of Abu Simbel , with their unique style,
    are considered to be the masterpieces of ancient Egypt.
    They reflect the glory and grandeur of the new Kingdom.
    The great Abu Simbel temple is also called The Sun
    Temple of Ramssess II. You will then drive back to Aswan where you will get the train back to Luxor.

    Prices on request

    More 0 $
  • 8e53d2cb-f4e5-4d6c-aae3-4a746263e5cb_map_of_egypt.jpg

    Tailor-made packages

    We also do tailor-made tour packages all over Egypt. Just send us a list of everything you want to see and we will work out the best way for you to fit everything in.

    All tour prices are per person, based on 2 people sharing, for an air conitioned car and guide but do not include entrance tickets, meals and drinks, tips or any extra activities.

    Other trips available are:-

    Quad biking

    Desert safari

    sunrise donkey rides

    2 day felucca cruises from aswan to Edfu.

    Plus much more. Contact us for details.

    Prices on request.


    More 0 $